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The Mermaid Princess

Musings of Poway's Only Slayer

21 May
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I am a 26-year-old ex History Major from UCLA. I'm a native San Diegan since birth, but spent some time studying abroad in Great Britain. Since then I'll tell anyone who will listen that my heart has been split into two cities: San Diego and London. :)

I have numerous interests, and a great love and loyalty to my family, some close friends, and my boyfriend Brandon in particular. I've had another livejournal for a few years (http://bas1630.livejournal.com/), but decided to turn over another leaf in my internet existence and start a fresh one! :) A New Journal for a New Life.

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*Some of my fav songs. :) Hope none of them come across as dark... I just usually like the beat of them!:

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